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Major Entertainment World

Major Entertainment World

Open Letter
Major Entertainment Industry.

As most of us sit here and watch all the drama on CNN, TMZ and other celebrity websites I ponder if all the people who are reporting these stories actually care about the person they are doing the story over or about? It is the same way for the person who is getting hammered by these press and media outlets if they really care in general. I wonder why people like to stay glued to someones life when there is a very slight chance you will ever meet the person to begin with, unless well your bank account can schedule that. Sure granted Entertainers should be accountable for the actions they create and also if needed jail time or other things (rehab centers, etc).

I do not see the connection between consumers and reading all the latest gossip on these tabloid websites, don’t you have your own life to live and does not include butting into other peoples misfortunes or problems? I ventured over to TMZ just to see some of the latest gossip and if anything was relevant and worth wild to read and frankly it is the same people just a different case. You got Bieber who is sick and cancelled a couple shows, Bieber almost gets into a fight with a photographer, Twist Wrecks another car (nice car, was it the glare from the paint job that made you wreck?) Then these endless amounts of she wore this and that guy beat up this person and this person snapped at another Entertainer. So that concludes the news for the last 3 weeks on 1 website (festive) let me go have another vodka and coke and ponder why i just spent the last 30 minutes reading over things that frankly i could care less about.

I could see stories that are relevant like, someone being hospitalized or a entertainer dying or getting injured but these non relevant stories like some entertainer to entertainer rivalries and also some entertainer bashing another one or possibly getting into a conflict with another one really does not raise any flags of any nature, I honestly do not care about their personal lives and or want to know the drama they are getting into.

Then you got the photographers and camera folks who are “In their face” type of mentality, you know suggestion it would be more wise I think to hang back a bit and possibly ask the Entertainer in a polite and respectful tone to interview them or take a photo of them, I hear the word “Please” goes a long way and you never know the Entertainer might be having a bad day and not want a camera or video camera stuck in their face. I have respect for both Entertainers and Media but there is a fine line between doing a story and frankly being rude and bombarding. I am not sure how the photo industry works but it seems like every photographer and video camera person I see on these brute force attack videos it is some sort of competition to get a photo of that person or do a video clip on them.

I personally have been around major and non major entertainers for a very long time and i never rush them to get a photo or video interview with them, I tend to wait until everyone gets done hammering the Entertainer then I ask them in a casual tone if I can talk to them a bit and grab a couple photos, mostly all the photos and video footage I obtain is for personal use, it is never sold to distributors or media outlets. I enjoy meeting Entertainers and I like to keep things casual have a couple drinks, get to know them as a person not a entity and then part ways.

So what is your opinion on Entertainer Gossip websites and the stories they conduct? Do you think it is worth it? Do you think it might turn the Entertainers being slammed against folks and closed into a box? I feel that most talent probably feels restricted on everything they do or do not do since there is some person stalking them the second they hit the driveway to public access.

 Thanks for Reading

Matthew Nalett
Chicago Music Promotions

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